Luke Olson  LC
Lighting Designer
Luke Olson Luke received a BA in Theatre from the University of Iowa, and an MFA in Lighting Design from San Diego State University. He worked as a theatrical designer for fourteen years, lighting over 200 productions, before transitioning to architecture. In addition, Luke has worked in technical theatre since 1998, and has been a master electrician, lighting supervisor, and technical director.

Luke joined Shop 12 in 2015 and contributes to projects worldwide, including The Emerald (Cebu, Phillipines); NagaWorld II, and NagaWorld renovations (Phnom Penh, Cambodia); Grand Mariana Resort & Casino (Saipan); Holland Casinos Rotterdam renovation (The Netherlands); Naga Vladivostok (Vladivostok, Russia), and many others.

Luke is drawn to architecture by the opportunity to tell a story to evoke a moment in a medium less ephemeral than the stage allows, and by the love of scale: the chance to write large the same quest for bold choices and flawless execution.